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Each JEM tool encompasses the acquired knowledge of more than 40 years in the world of cold forming development.

Our cold forming tools



A wide variety of solutions to obtain the desired geometry and productivity.
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Our rolls are characterized by an outstanding precision and performance.
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Compression wheels

Compression wheels

With our latest generation of compression wheels, you will get an unbeatable cost per piece.
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Cold forming

Cold Forming

At JEM we know that the world of cold forming is about performance: receiving a reliable tool of precise geometry and outstanding performance.

Everyone on our team is focused on finding innovative solutions which allow the improvement of the part’s geometry as well as the performance of our tools while minimizing the cost of production.

To do this, JEM engineers work closely with our customers' technical team. This collaboration is known to us as Tool Optimization Program, that also enabled us to develop the High Performance (HP) solutions for all our cold forming tools.

Each JEM tool encompasses the acquired knowledge of more than 40 years in the world of cold forming development.


Spline Racks

We have been pioneers in the production of racks for more than 40 years. Many of the innovations and solutions launched to the market were developed by our engineers:

  • Spline Racks
  • Bladed Racks (straight, toothed or conical)
  • Crowned Racks
  • Stepped Rack
  • Double Slope Rack
  • Racks with chamfer, tangent radius and spherical radius
  • End Chamfered Rack
  • Rubber Rack

A history of innovation

Innovations launched by JEM on the market thanks to the close collaboration with our customers.

Rack with Conical Blade
Rack with Toothed Blade
Stepped Rack
Rubber Rack

Cold Forming Rolls

Spline Forming Rolls

JEM cold forming rolls are manufactured to guarantee the geometry according to customer’s specifications. Combining HP materials, an evolved heat treatment, and finishing, we get the highest performance.

  • Incremental Rolls
    • Incremental Spline Rolls
    • Bladed Rolls (straight, toothed or conical)
    • Crowned Rolls
    • Stepped Rolls
    • Double Slope Rolls
    • Rolls with chamfer, tangent radius and spherical radius
  • Spline Rolls
  • Thread Rolls
  • Rollex Rolls

Compression Wheels

Compression Wheels

This tool contains many details that make it especially technical. JEM combines material, geometry, heat treatment, toughness, hardness and surface finish to offer compression wheels with best cost-performance-balance.

Through this approach we manage to reduce the cost per piece for our customers.

High Performance

JEM engineers have designed the High Performance program as the result of our commitment to achieve best behaviour of our tools. Our value proposition is increase in service life and reduction of opportunity costs. This program consists of two columns:

Tool Optimization Program

The performance of a cold forming tool is not only determined by the quality of the tool but many other aspects influence to achieving an improvement.

Our engineers work closely with customer's engineers becoming an extension of their engineering team to reduce the cost per produced part.

We establish a detailed improvement program and jointly set goals. This allows our clients to rely on true specialists that are allied and involved with their goals.

High Performance Solutions as cost reduction initiatives

We have developed and innovated in the application of the latest steels for rolling.

By selecting specific heat- and superficial treatments our clients get the opportunity to select best geometrical options and cost reduction initiative for the part to be produced:

  • WHITE SHARK – take the first step in High Performance HSS rack and roll with optimized geometrical shapes.
  • GOLD COBRA – revolutionize the market and boost performance on steep angles and regrinding, even with difficult geometrical requirements.
  • BLACK HAWK – choose the improved combination of treatments and shapes for high volume parts and resistance to wear off.
  • TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM – bring new life to old racks through refurnishing your stock.

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