JEM opts for Dual FP

JEM opts for Dual FP

Last Wednesday, March the 22nd, Industrias Metalúrgicas JEM participated, through Sergi Torrebadella, Operations Manager, in a colloquium organized by the AIBV and the Mollet Institute, providing business vision.

He explained the win-win that happens in a company, welcoming students in dual FP modality, and for students, having contact with the world of work.

For the companies:

  • They provide human capital with specific training.
  • They help make generational changes with qualified personnel.
  • They contribute to modernize processes through their recently acquired knowledge and at low cost.
  • Fulfills with the Social Responsibility framework.

For students:

  • Validation of hours in their studies.
  • Acquisition of experience in a work environment with a real opportunity for stable work in the future.
  • Motivation to continue studying.
  • Economic compensation.